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News • 3 months ago
With over 20+ stores, Woodlands Shopping Mall is happy to announce the opening of three additional stores! 1. Whiskey Café - This will be an exciting new café offering high-end whiskeys, assorted spirits, coffee and wines. Strictly no lagers. The cafe is scheduled to open in August once the ban on pubs and bars is lifted by the government. 2. Foot Print Boutique - This boutique will be selling quality assorted men’s and women’s clothing. The boutique is scheduled to open July 1st 3.Bottle Shop ZM - This will be an online bottle/liquor store. Their offices are scheduled to open on 1st July 2020.
News • 3 months ago
Woodlands Shopping Mall is always striving to give their shoppers the very best experience. And so it is currently undergoing a face lift. The building work is expected to be completed by August 2020. As the new look is unveiled towards the end of the year, Woodlands Shopping Mall will be celebrating its 10th birthday. Watch out for more posts on this as the time gets nearer. Meanwhile please note that, regardless of the ongoing works, the mall is still open and businesses are operational.
News • 8 months ago
What better way to start the New Year than with a focus on healthy, natural products that will give you the boost you and yours need for the year ahead. There's a great selection of brand new products at Umoyo Natural Health in Woodlands shopping Mall that can help. 1. Rooibos-Chai Espresso, K55 Enjoy the goodness of Rooibos-Chai Espresso that is made with a strong blend of very fine loose leaf Rooibos with Chai spices. Caffeine free. Healthy alternative to coffee. Safe for pregnant women. Health benefits include: Anti-inflammatory Anti-spasmodic relieving stomach cramps and colic High in antioxidants Boosts immune system Improves heart and digestive health Lowers blood sugar levels Soothing on the nervous system 2. 99% Aloe Gel, K190 This Clear, dense gel absorbs deeply to nourish, hydrate and restore optimal skin health. Made with 99% pure Aloe Ferox gel which is known for its skin soothing, renewing and protecting properties plus moisture-grabbing glycerine and anti-irritant Allantoin. It instantly creates silky smooth, supple, glowing skin…head to toe! Great for all skin types, face and body. 3. Carmién Nursing Mamma Tea, K40 The tea is especially formulated to stimulate and increase lactation. The combination of Fenugreek, Fennel and Aniseed work together to increase milk production. Fennel is also antiseptic and helps with digestion. Rooibos is caffeine free, sugar and kilojoule free and will assist in weight loss. Now available in Umoyo stores at only K40. 4. Herbamare Original Seasoning Salt, K80 Made from sea salt and 12 different fresh organically grown vegetables, garden herbs and iodine rich kelp. It is a delicious accompaniment to any meal. Swap your normal table salt for a distinctive way to flavour your meals using 100% natural and unrefined ingredients. Free from artificial flavours and preservatives. Visit your Woodlands Mall Umoyo branch to get your hands on these!
Event • 8 months ago
Be at O'hagan's to celebrate the arrival of 2020. The music is by DJ Kuks. The party is free. The chefs and bar staff are ready to serve you! This is where good friends meet!
News • 8 months ago
Nathan Nyirenda will be performing at Woodlands Shopping Mall on Sunday, 22nd December from 08:00 to 21:00! We asked him a few questions to get some insight into the man behind the voice. How did you get into music and how long have you been performing? I had interest in it from the time I was very young! I would sing along to music that was played on radio and on TV. Since that early start, I have you been performing about 30 years. I have been performing professionally for 20 years. What is your musical inspiration? It is life itself. I draw inspiration from it. The highs and lows of life and everything in between. It looks like you can play many instruments? What can you play? I started with Guitar then Bass and after that I learned drums then Keyboards then Saxophone! I didn't pursue all of these to be regarded as a player of them. So I play Keyboards and Saxophone, but the Voice is my first Instrument. Is music what you do full time? Yes it is but I have worked in the Corporate world. I am a Marketer and Public Relations professional. I am also studying. Where can people buy your music? At the moment people can buy it directly from me through the different events where I am found. They can also order through my Facebook page. They can also buy the Music from online stores such as iTunes and Amazon and many more. What are your musical goals and dreams? I would like my Music to penetrate the global market. I also dream of opening a Music Academy that would train people to be World class Musicians and that would enable me to pass on the experience and knowledge that I have gathered over the years. What have been your challenges? The Zambian Music industry is undeveloped. We do not even have any record company so as an Artist, you do not just concentrate on Musical creativity. You also play the roles of Agent, Manager, Distributor and many other functions which would be performed by others in an established industry. What is the future of the Zambian Music industry? There is a lot of potential in Zambian Music and I would like to implore investors - local and international to explore the opportunity of this industry. There is a lot of talent in Zambia which can generate a lot of revenue and create employment for a lot of people. See Nathan Nyirenda perform this Sunday at Woodlands Shopping Mall!
Offer • 8 months ago
Buy more than K1,250 worth of sunglasses, glasses or frames and you get a K750 frame for free! Plus, when you spend K1,250 you will be placed in a lucky draw with the chance to win the following prizes. 1st prize - Philips 32" LED TV 2nd prize - Water dispenser 3rd prize - 20L microwave oven Phil Opticians are regisered opticians and contact lens practitioners and authorised dealers of Specsavers.
Event • 9 months ago
Woodlands Shopping Mall is happy to announce a live music performance from Zambian gospel singer, Nathan Nyirenda, this Sunday, 22nd December from 08:00 to 21:00. Come and listen to great live music while doing a spot of shopping or treating yourself to a tasty treat from the restaurants and cafes at Woodlands Shopping Mall. Nathan Nyirenda will be performing and available for selfies, autographs and interaction.
Event • 9 months ago
Woodlands Shopping Mall is happy to announce two live music performances by the Zambia Army Orchestra for the festive month of December. Saturday, 14th December Saturday, 21st December Come and listen to great live music while doing a spot of shopping or treating yourself to a tasty treat from the restaurants and cafes at Woodlands Shopping Mall.
Offer • 9 months ago
It's the season of goodwill and Autoworld is feeling extra generous this month! they’re offering a package of: 15% off ALL tyres and wiper blades Free tyre fitting and balancing for every tyre purchased Free - wheel alignment for every set of 4 tyres and 4 rims purchased Don’t miss out! Offer available while stocks last at any participating Autoworld branch or Impala Service Station. This monthly offer will run for a full two weeks - from 5th - 18th December.

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